Fixed Boot knives

Tactical Fixed Blade Boot Knives

Like the name suggests boot knives are boot daggers that you can easily place in the boots and utilize in the hour of need. Since boots are made for walking, so are our best boot knives that we design for you to serve your purpose be it military or personal. If you are looking for a shoe knife for sale, try us. We a De Pocket Knife, have the best boot knives made in the USA.

A military boot knife is a tactical boot knife that fits the rough and tough boots of the military guys since they are always in need of a secure yet snug instrument or weapon to keep them at an arm’s length from any expected danger. We offer you the best collection of these fixed-blade boot knife. If you are looking for a high-quality handmade boot knife, also known as the ankle knife, then we suggest you have a look at our collection.

In unforeseen and difficult circumstances, hidden knife boots are the choice to provide maximum support and rescue. Our boot knife for sale is always in demand with the military and civil service guys.

A boot knife is made from a stainless yet strong double-edged blade. The stainless steel is high carbon and the boot dagger has a Teflon coating in black color on it to ditch reflection.

Amongst our fixed blade boot knife collection, we also have different size options for you. If you are looking for some small boot knives then we suggest you have a look at our collection where we offer you quality at extraordinary prices. We do not compromise on quality and therefore, present you with the best boot knives for your protection and security. Complete your bad-ass knife collection with our latest boot knife custom-made with love and precision just for you.

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