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Balisong & Butterfly Knives

Looking for a high-quality real butterfly knife? We have a huge variety of butterfly and balisong knives which are easy to use as a weapon and can be quickly opened, unlike other knives. These are single-hand knives made with utter care and high-quality material at De Pocket Knife. The sharp butterfly knife is not only an image of sturdiness and uniqueness but is also effortless if you are looking for a lightweight self-defense item to carry in your pocket or purse.

Wide Choice Of  Knives

Check out our assortment of butterfly knives where we not only have a custom butterfly knife but also a curved butterfly knife, a sharp butterfly knife, and a trainer butterfly knife just for you to get your grip firm on these knives. It is a popular choice for self-defense and utility purposes. Butterfly knives, also known as balisong knives. These uniquely designed knife handles rotate around the tang of the knife and conceal the blade when closed.

This pocket knife is the best in terms of dependability, usability, and longevity. If these are also foldable, they can be used effectively as hunting knives. Butterfly knives are built with high-end materials to perform a variety of tasks.

Check out our latest scorpion tip butterfly steel which will amaze you and blow your mind. It has superior quality stainless steel which cuts down anything that comes in the way with utter precision and perfection. These are different in look and also using them is not very common with people who have no idea how to handle them.

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Choosing a knife can be a tough decision. When it comes to best skinning choices, butterfly knives are nowhere matchable. However, if you are not aware of how to use them, try our butterfly knife trainer option. For more options or details, our customer service representatives are always happy and present to help.

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