Jim Bowie Knives

Tactical Jim Bowie Knives

The Jim Bowie knife has a wide, wickedly keen hand-sharpened blade that cuts and thrusts almost like a sword and has a generous clip and huge fuller. The fixed-blade bowie knife is heat-treated to a hard spring temper and beautifully blued to a lustrous finish from 1055 carbon steel. The tactical bowie knife has a blade that is both wide and sharp enough to make the most of every opportunity to cut, thrust, and deliver a “palpable hit” while also being long enough to stand up to even much larger weapons.

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The custom bowie knives for sale battle-ready blade looks great with the handle. Its large “S”-shaped guard provides excellent hand protection, and its slim, flat profile prevents it from twisting in your hand and maintains accurate edge alignment even during intense combat. Even when using a palm-reinforced grip for extended reach and thrust leverage, its modified pistol grip secures the knife in your hand. Custom bowie knives are a great choice for self-defense in a battle.

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