Fixed Bone Handled Knife

Fixed Blades Knife Made Of Bones

Have a look at our special knife made from bones. Yes! You have read it right. These badass bone handle knives are one-of-a-kind instruments. The bone handled knife has a handle made from camel bone and has pins made of brass attached to it. The knife is made of bone and has a sheath of leather which is hand forged. This bone handle fixed blade knife has a sharp blade that is approximately 3/16 inches thick.

The bone knife is sharp and highly durable. All of our products are extremely reliable since all our craftsmen make them with utter care and perfection. To ensure a perfect grip the bone knife handle is made in accordance with affirming a firm grip and the overall length of a bone handle knife is around 8 inches.

The bone knife handle length is around four inches. This season avail huge discounts on our bone knife collection. Enjoy completing your badass knife collection with the best knife collections we have for you. This amazing sharp knife is lab tested under severe conditions. Bone handle knives are a kind of fixed knife that is not used for cutting purposes but is also very reliable if you want to keep it for your protection. This is a fixed knife and its beauty lies in its amazing design and ability to be carved as well as dyed.

So what are you waiting for? Order your favorite bone handle knife now and complete your collection. We offer you the best rates that you will not find anywhere else in the whole USA.

We have a variety of handles and designs against these bone-handled knives and you can choose easily the one you like. We can also design custom-made knives for you.

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