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Fixed Blade Tom Brown Tracker Knives

Looking for the best kind of tracker knife for hunting? De Pocket Knife brings you the famous tom brown tracker knife which is featured in the movie as well, “The Hunted”. Also, this has been featured in BLADE magazine. The tracker style knife is not only strong in terms of durability but is custom-made to ensure protection and fully serves your survival purposes. Our famous tom brown knife is custom-made from Damascus steel and is the perfect art of perfection.

Talking about the specs, it has stainless steel bolster, with a rosewood handle. You will find the original tracker knife here with us made in multiple different custom-made tracker knives such as bushcraft survival knife, micarta handle tracker knife for sale, and fix blade full tang tom brown tracker knives.

The tom brown tracker knife for sale has amazing patterns that our craftsmen create with precise and careful welding processes. This splendid tracker-style knife is one of our extremely in-demand and hot-selling products which we are offering at the best prices.

An attractive layered pattern is created by hard and soft layers of steel attacked by acid at intervals giving it a unique look and usability precision. The process of rewelding is done many times for creating several layers that make a solid block called the billet. The Damascus steel is around 56-60HRC hard based on the Rockwell scale reading. This tracking knife’s design will aid in cutting due to its blade which has invisible serrations. It is flexible in terms of usage, tough, and also stylish. If you want to keep a reliable cutting knife all the time in your access, this is the choice you must make.

Choose in different handle options and get your custom-made tom brown tracker knife today. Call or drop a message for more details.

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