Handmade Forged Damascus Pocket Knife With Wood & Bone Handle PK 002



A high-quality, hand-forged folding knife with a bone and wood handle and brass clips made from high-grade Damascus steel.

It has:

  • Wood and bone handle
  • Brass clips that are strong
  • Leather sheath with belt loop to protect your blade
  • Exquisite craftsmanship makes this razor-sharp folding blade of excellent quality that will work well.

The blade is made up of:

 This blade’s high-grade Damascus steel is made up of layers of a low-carbon and high-carbon mixture that have been welded, forged, and hammered multiple times to produce up to 200 layers. On the Rockwell scale, this blade has a hardness of up to 55 HRC. With its razor-sharp edge, this blade will endure time.

The sharpest and most durable edges are produced using precise heat-treating techniques.