Hunting Pocket Knife Folding Blade With Camel Bone & Wood Handle PK 020


Pocket Knife With Camel Bone & Wood Handle

The toughest blade is made by carefully combining these handmade Damascus knives at 15N25 and 1080. For best storage conditions, the blade is preserved in oil; prior to use, you can wipe it clean with a dry cloth.

SIZE OF THE KNIFE: It’s best used as a hunting, survival, camping, skinning, and tracking knife for outdoor adventures in general.

  •       It has a total length of 7.5 inches
  •       A 3.25-inch blade
  •       A 4.25-inch handle.

Handle for Camel Bone: this is extremely portable, simple to use, and does not easily slip when in use.

The right amount of weight between the handle and the thin blade makes it easy to move. Protective Belt Sheath Made of High-Quality Handmade Leather for Safe and Easy Carrying.