Shard Blade Hand Forged Folding Karambit Knife KK 008



Shard Blade Hand Forged Folding Karambit Knife

This shard blade custom-made knife made up of 100% stainless steel is one of a kind. Damascus steel is welded in a modern pattern with 512 layers of hard, higher-carbon steel and many layers of soft, lower-carbon steel. After the pattern is created, the blade is forged-welded, twisted, drilled, flattened, grounded, and yet again forged-welded.

The stack of steel is shaped into a billet, and the knife is made of these bars or billets. To reveal the striking pattern, the knife is profiled, ground, heat treated, and finished with additional processes like etching and bluing. The edge is fully sharpened and the blade is tempered.